Redefining the world of petrochemicals

As part of our free resources, ICIS has produced a short video highlighting the key developments in the global petrochemicals landscape. How will you be affected by these changes and how can you stay relevant in your business?


Watch this video by ICIS expert, Nigel Davis, to get a simplified picture of the changing world of petrochemicals:

  • Key developments in the industry
  • Impact on you and your business
  • How we can help you stay ahead of these changes

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Demystify the petrochemicals market with ICIS training courses

ICIS Petrochemicals Training provides a comprehensive, yet simplified, look into the essential commercial and technical aspects of petrochemicals, including feedstocks and derivatives, and the impact of recent developments on your business. These course will equip you with knowledge and skills to navigate the petrochemicals market effectively.

ICIS offers the following 3 petrochemical courses that are available individually or as a series.

  • Petrochemicals: An In-Depth Introduction
  • Fundamentals of Petrochemical Plant Economics & Forecasting
  • Fundamentals of Petrochemical Feedstocks
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What can you gain from these courses?

  • Get a closer look at the global petrochemicals industry – with a complete picture of the petrochemicals production process and supply chain relationships
  • Understand the growth prospects for your business – with information on the latest industry trends, changes in trade flows and shifting regional influences
  • Explore the refinery and petrochemicals interface – with in-depth coverage of key refining processes, feedstocks that are available from refineries and the importance of refining-petrochemicals integration
  • Learn about the industry cost and profitability structure to help in your price negotiations
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