Lifting of Iran's sanctions - what it means for global petrochemicals

Webinar: Post-Iran Sanctions - What this means for Middle East polymers

ICIS hosted a webinar on 16 March 2016 which delves into the impact of the Iran sanctions being lifted on the Middle East polymers market. By accessing the recording and presentation slides, you gain access to all of the following:

  • The implications for the Middle East polymers market, following the lifting of sanctions
  • Key developments in Iran’s polymers sector
  • Price and capacities of Middle East polymers
  • Supply and demand balances of polymers including PVC and PS
  • The near-term outlook of Middle East polymers

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Infographic: The lifting of Iranian Sanctions

On 16 January, world powers lifted the sanctions after the UN confirmed that Tehran has curbed its nuclear programme. With the lifting of sanctions, Iran can now participate in global trading.

ICIS has produced an infographic showing the possible impact of the lifting of the sanctions on the world of petrochemicals.

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Post-sanctions Iran roils crude market; petchem may follow suit
Published on 18 January 2016

Oil prices are expected to continue falling on heightened concerns about oversupply, with Iran now free to compete in the global export market after international sanctions on the country were officially lifted over the weekend, industry sources said.

Price volatility is expected to permeate the downstream petrochemical markets in the near term, they said.

Crude fell by more than $1/bbl on Monday morning but eased off towards the end of the trading day in Asia. Prices are currently at their lowest since late-2003.

Prices fell amid expectations that Tehran will raise exports significantly in the coming months and aggravate the market glut, which has sent crude falling since the second half of 2014.

International economic and financial sanctions were imposed on Iran on suspicion that the country was developing a nuclear weapon.

But on 16 January, the world powers lifted the sanctions after the United Nations (UN) confirmed that Tehran has curbed its nuclear programme and has complied with the terms of their July 2015 comprehensive agreement.

Iran is a major oil exporter and is a member of the oil cartel OPEC.

“What this says is volatility will continue in the oil and its downstream petrochemical markets for the next one to two years,” said Ewe Ee Foong, ICIS vice president of Business Development & Consulting.

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The Iran Sanctions Infographic
By Accuity, Reed Business Information

At this stage, nobody knows exactly what changes will take place with the lifting of the Iranian sanctions. While the circumstances evolve and the world awaits clarity, Accuity, part of Reed Business Information like ICIS, has come up with an infographic aiming to break down the sanctions list and make predictions based on Accuity's extensive risk data.

>> Access the infographic here

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