Shell Pernis Refinery Outage

Impacts on the petrochemical markets


Most units at Shell Chemical’s refinery complex in Pernis, the Netherlands, have been offline since the end of July after a power surge caused a fire at a power substation at the site.

The impact of the sudden loss of Europe’s largest refinery and neighbouring petrochemicals units is still being assessed, but with no restart expected before mid-August at the earliest, a spate of force majeures have already been declared, both by Shell itself and by market players dependent on Pernis for product.

Located in the heart of the Amsterdam-Rotterdam-Antwerp hub, Pernis is a lynchpin of petrochemicals production in the area, leading to a potential domino effect as producers struggle to find alternate supplies.

ICIS has unlocked the following news stories to keep you up-to-date with the news surrounding the outage at the Shell Pernis refinery and the potential impacts on the petrochemical markets.


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