Turkey currency volatility – Lira collapse and the impact on the chemical and energy markets

On 13 August, the Turkish lira plunged to a record low against the US dollar amid concerns over the health of the economy and renewed tensions with the US. The lira lost around 40 percent of its value as compared to January 2018, causing buyers in Turkey to take bearish positions due to more expensive US dollar imports.

The Turkish government said it will take steps to prop up the lira but the forex market remains volatile for now. Producers in Europe, Middle East and Asia are closely watching this unprecedented crisis in Turkey, a key market for polymers and petrochemicals.

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Weak Turkey adds woes to Europe PE market as China tariffs come into effect
23 August 2018

APIC '18: Weaker PTA Turkey import demand, depreciating currency
21 August 2018

PODCAST: Turkish lira steadies but uncertainty takes its toll
20 August 2018

Turkey’s Petkim stands to gain from depreciated lira - bank
17 August 2018

INSIGHT: Turkey currency crisis heightens risk for global petrochemicals
16 August 2018

African polymers buyers set to benefit from Turkish lira crash
16 August 2018

ICIS VIEW: Turkish lira crisis spells new concerns for energy sector
15 August 2018

Polymers players shrug off Turkish lira, fears of capital controls rise
15 August 2018

Turkey polymers players' pessimism grows as lira collapses to record lows
13 August 2018

Turkish lira tumble triggers electricity curtailment fears
13 August 2018

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Europe PVC export prices fall on Turkey currency volatility
13 August 2018

Turkey polymer players wait for government response to tumbling lira
10 August 2018

Turkish lira record falls cause large losses for gas-fired generators
8 August 2018

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Turkey currency volatility

ICIS editor Jonathan Lopez, reports on how the energy and petrochemicals sectors in Turkey have been touched by a crisis as the currency entered a downward spiral as the US and Turkey initiated a trade war, with both countries imposing punitive tariffs on each other.

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