Update on the African polymers market

The outlook for the African polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP) markets appears uncertain, as both demand and prices for these two key polymer commodities has remained sluggish as a result of the Eid al-Adha holiday and K fair.

The majority of market participants view African demand as poor, with many buyers still taking a 'wait and see' approach on the expectation of African prices softening.

ICIS market specialists offer insights on the different factors contributing to the particularly quiet and uncertain market. View the ICIS video update to find out how ICIS sees the African polymers market developing. This video will help you answer the following:  

  • Can we expect an increase in demand?
  • Will prices continue to soften in the month of November?
  • How can other regions affect the African market?
  • What are industry participants saying regarding the outlook for Africa’s polymers markets?

ICIS PEPP Talk podcast 17 October 2013

From ICIS PEPP talk 17 October 2013 K edition on 2013-10-17

European ICIS polymers editor Linda Naylor talks about the European polyolefins markets as K opens its doors in Dusseldorf this week.

To listen to the podcast click here

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