US shale revolution opens up global ethane trade


The shale revolution has transformed the US energy and industrial landscape and with it chemicals. Planned new investment in the chemical industry has topped $160bn: the sector has been revitalised. The following recent ICIS news coverage pinpoints the opportunities and challenges for natural gas and for ethane.

US shale revolution opens up global ethane trade

The stories span the Atlantic and the Americas and reach out to China and Algeria. The first INEOS ‘Dragon’ ship carrying ethane from the US arrived at Grangemouth in Scotland this week. And as that ‘virtual pipeline’ across the Atlantic fills so do opportunities for more regional and global ethane trade.

In the UK, the company is trying to convince the public and politicians that fracking shale is a good idea. The ICIS news coverage shows that the challenges for fracking differ in different countries. The impact of the shale revolution in the US will be felt more directly in the coming years. The changes wrought will be significant.

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