Special focus on Asian base oils

A shift in the Asian base oils market was recently observed, driven by increasing Group II base oils supply. How does this affect the overall Asian market and how can ICIS help you gain further transparency on base oils prices?

In this video, ICIS Markets Editor, Jasmine Khoo, explains the additional prices now covered in the ICIS Asia Base Oils Report to better reflect the current trading behaviours. Recent developments in the Asian markets are also given.

  • A look into the overall Asian base oils market
  • A review of changing prices, supply, demand and trading activity in the region
  • A unique solution to help you gain further visibility on base oils prices for groups I, II and III
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Pricing data on Asian base oils markets

Two new price assessments for group II base oils are now covered in our Asia Base Oils report:

  • 150N Ex-tank Singapore
  • 500N Ex-tank Singapore

ICIS Asia Base Oils report enables industry players to stay ahead of fast-paced developments, providing an accurate reference for contract negotiations and benchmarking.

  • A suite of base oils prices covering all key main grades (group I, II and III)
  • Updates on trade flows, supply/demand and up/downstream markets
  • Production news
  • A look into China's domestic markets
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Asia and Middle East base oils pricing data available

Group I base oils

  • Ex-tank Singapore (150N, 500N)
  • FOB Asia (SN150, 500, B/STK)
  • CFR India (SN150, 500, B/STK)
  • CFR Northeast Asia (SN150, 500, B/STK)
  • CFR China (SN 150, 500)
  • China import cost (SN 150, 500)
  • CFR UAE (SN 150, 500)
  • Ex-tank Sharjah (SN 150, 500)
  • FOB Iran (SN 500)

Group II base oils

  • Ex-tank Singapore (150N, 500N)
  • FOB Northeast Asia (150N, 500N)
  • CFR Northeast Asia (150N, 500N)
  • CFR India(150N, 500N)
  • CFR China (N 70, 150, 500)
  • China import cost (N 150, 500)

Group III base oils

  • FOB Asia
  • CFR Northeast Asia
  • CFR China (N 100, 150, 250)
  • China import cost (N 100, 150, 250)

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