China Olefins Annual Studies

Comprehensive analysis and forecasting for China’s olefins and coal-to-olefins markets

ICIS offers two detailed reports that can support and validate your business development strategies:

  • China Olefins Annual Report
  • China Coal-to-olefins Annual Report

Both studies are compiled by ICIS olefins local experts and include the expertise of global analytical teams based in key hubs in the US, Singapore and Europe. This ensures that the reports provide you a holistic view of what’s happening in the Chinese olefins market, and more importantly how such developments impact global markets.

Coverage of the studies includes:

  • A complete overview of China’s olefins and coal-to-olefins (CTO) industries
  • Analysis of current and a one-year forecast for supply/demand
  • Expert analysis of price trends, drivers and margins
  • Commentary on the long-term impact of China’s olefins market on international players
  • Insight into the driving factors for 2016 – feedstock, import/export and more

What’s included in the subscription?

China Olefins Annual Studies

These comprehensive studies provide exclusive insight into China's rapidly evolving olefins markets. Invest in the China Annual Studies to make better-informed commercial and business decisions, as well as robust risk strategies.

Enhanced data handling with Excel

All of the data from the annual studies are available in Excel format, enabling instant integration with your forecasts, calculations and business plans, giving you the flexibility to customise your analytics view to make data more meaningful for your business needs.

Bi-annual update

Stay abreast of opportunities and risks in the Chinese olefins market with a bi-annual update, ensuring you have the latest forecast data on supply and demand.

Why choose ICIS?

Identify areas of growth and business expansion
Our carefully-researched data on supply and demand, consumption, capacities and trading patterns, based on historical and forecast data, will help you evaluate the Chinese markets from every angle.

Evaluate sources of competition in the medium-to long-term
Our overview of the top producers, traders and importers will enable you to evaluate key information to guide your strategic planning.

Detailed analysis of the Chinese olefins industry
To help you review your market position, the Annual Studies provide fully-reconciled data and commentary, giving you insight into China and how it impacts global markets.