China Polyolefins Annual Study

A thorough review and outlook for China’s polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP) markets

The ICIS China PP and PE Annual Studies offer unparalleled market analysis of China’s dynamic polyolefins industry. An essential read for international players looking to identify and evaluate opportunities in the country, both studies provide you with a clear view of domestic prices, with market analysis to help you assess the current situation of the industry. Produced by our team of locally stationed experts, with expertise from our global analytical team, both studies also include supply and demand forecasts up to 2020

Data includes:

  • Import and export volume forecasts, broken down into key PP and PE grades
  • Supply and demand historical and forecast volumes (2015-2020)
  • Profits of polyolefins made from oil-based and coal-based production
  • Downstream demand forecasts
  • Import and domestic price trends (2007-2016)
  • Major domestic capacity and consumption, broken down into key Chinese regions
  • Top 10 domestic distributors and overseas suppliers

What’s included in the subscription?

Annual Study

These comprehensive annual studies provide exclusive insight into China’s rapidly evolving polyolefins markets. Invest in the China Annual Studies to make better-informed commercial and business decisions, as well as robust risk strategies.

Access to ICIS consultants

All of the data from the annual study is available in Excel format, enabling instant integration with your forecasts, calculations and business plans. Manipulate and customise your analytics view to make data more meaningful.

Quarterly Updates

Stay abreast of opportunities and risks in the Chinese PE and PP market, with quarterly updates on the latest developments. Each update focuses on current situations, import/export trends, and the progress of projects and start-up schedules.

Quarterly Updates

Gain access to our ICIS expert and author of the studies, with a webinar offering deeper insight into strategy planning, investments and commercial expectations. This 60-minute one-to-one session explores current hot issues, with a Q&A available.

Why choose ICIS?

Understand China’s rapidly changing polyolefins industry
Review the details of what is happening in China, with insight and data direct from the region. Explore capacity expansion, supply and demand dynamics, price trends and policy changes in the country, as well as emerging opportunities.


Retain your competitive edge in China
Use ICIS PP and PE Annual Studies to negotiate new deals, with a clear understanding of current market fundamentals, key developments, new technologies and downstream demand – including an overview of what to expect over the next five years.

Make confident plans for the future
To help you review your market position, the annual studies provide you with fully-reconciled data and commentary, giving you insight from a regional and global perspective.