China Energy Price Reports

Access reliable and unbiased pricing intelligence to keep you informed of what’s happening in China’s growing energy markets

ICIS provides the latest price assessments plus key market information such as supply/demand, import/exports, plant closures, production outages and inventory levels for China’s domestic energy markets.

Use ICIS price reports to understand price drivers and fluctuations, negotiate contracts with confidence and develop robust internal price formulas and short-term plans in China. The reports are available in three formats:

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Daily price reports

Daily price reports

Providing comprehensive daily coverage of domestic and import prices, a daily report is available for China’s oil and petroleum markets. The report covers all of the following:

  • Domestic and import prices for fuel oil, gasoil, gasoline, jet fuel and feedstock crude oil
  • Daily turnaround schedule of major and independent refineries
  • Headline news and macroeconomic policy analysis

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Weekly price reports

Weekly price reports

Ideal for global market players looking to gain access to current market prices and a top-level description of the various factors influencing prices, the ICIS weekly price reports on China include all of the following:

  • Import and export spot and contract prices for the week
  • Domestic prices
  • Plant and production news – shutdowns, maintenance and turnarounds
  • Commentary on supply/demand, trading activity and up/downstream markets

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Monthly reports

Monthly price reports

Gain deeper insights into price drivers with in-depth data and analysis of price trends via the ICIS China monthly reports. Each report includes:

  • Data and analysis of monthly import, export and domestic price trends, broken down by region
  • Supply analysis – a comparison between domestic production and imports
  • Import and export volumes and analysis, by origin/destination, arrival port and trading method
  • Production and expansion schedule
  • A review of prices from other regions, as well as price trends and analysis of upstream and downstream markets
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How can you benefit from our reports?

  • Traders, producers and buyers - our independent prices and insight makes it easy to monitor price trends in China, enabling you to benchmark your contract settlements and negotiate with confidence
  • Analysts and risk managers - our robust pricing information and analysis of trade dynamics enable you to manage portfolio exposure, conduct profit-loss (P&L) analysis and inform your future trading strategies
  • Senior-level executives - gain a complete view of China prices and trading activity in an easily accessible format, to stay abreast of key developments that could impact your business

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ICIS publishes dedicated pricing reports for the following markets:

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Why choose ICIS?

As a trusted provider of market intelligence on petrochemicals, energy and refining around the world, ICIS has an unrivalled understanding of specific markets as well as excellent breadth and depth of data – all of which is fully validated, integrated and reconciled. By giving you access to our China market intelligence, we are able to help you achieve a competitive advantage in your purchasing and trade, planning and forecasting and business strategies.