China Oil & Refinery Market Intelligence Solution

A trusted source for China oil and refining data, fundamentals and forecast

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As the world’s second largest oil consumer, China remains a key market of interest to global players. In the rapidly evolving oil & refinery industry, you need access to data and analysis to make better informed commercial and business decisions.

The ICIS China Oil & Refinery Market Intelligence Solution gives you access to all of the following:

  • Domestic and import prices for gasoil, gasoline, jet fuel and crude oil
  • Daily coverage of independent refinery turnaround schedule, feedstock purchases and operating rates
  • Integrated supply and demand data and forecasts for up to 5 years ahead
  • Import and domestic prices and margins from midstream to downstream markets
  • Independent refineries’ inventory levels
  • Impact analysis of changes in domestic policies
  • Refinery profitability analysis and outlook

Why choose the ICIS China Oil & Refinery solution?

ICIS covers the entire oil market intelligence lifecycle, including the current market, what is likely to happen next, plus information need to plan for the long term.

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Short-term market analysis to guide your daily business

We provide daily and weekly reports to give you the latest price assessments, plus key market information for China’s oil and petroleum markets. Use ICIS reports to understand price drivers, negotiate with confidence and plan your short-term business decision-making.

  • Domestic and import spot prices for gasoil, gasoline, jet fuel and crude
  • Commentary on policy changes and market developments
  • Key fundamental data indicators – stock and amrgins
  • Refinery turnaround schedules and shipping fixtures
  • A detailed data file which includes all of the raw data from the weekly report
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Further transparency of China’s refinery sector

Keeping up with China’s fast-moving refinery sector is challenging for many. ICIS helps you with our unique refinery solution:

China Independent Refinery Report

Available in PDF and Excel data files, this monthly report gives you all of the following:

  • Crude imports and quotas of independent refineries by specification and refiner
  • Crude inventories
  • Shipment arrival information including volume, date, receiver and arrival ports
  • Output, inventory of major independent refineries
  • Operating rates and refinery turnarounds
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China Refinery Operations Data Report

Available as a data Excel file, this monthly report gives you access to:

  • Refinery turnaround schedules covering the major state-run refineries
  • Throughput lost and updates on throughput plans in China
  • Updates on capacity expansion and analysis on potential feedstock specifications
  • Monthly operating rates
  • Production margin for imported and domestic feedstock
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In-depth data and expertise you need to plan for tomorrow

To support both local and international oil players , The China Petroleum Annual Report provides unparalleled data and analysis including all of the following:

  • Critical supply and demand data and analysis for up to five years ahead
  • A review of China’s complex refining industry (both state-run and independent) with import and export data
  • An in-depth look at the infrastructure operations, capacity, ownership and logistics of China’s oil industry
  • Macroeconomics and policy changes and trends
  • Supplementary maps showing refinery capacities, pipeline and oil distribution at a glance, as well as data files to give you direct access to raw data from the report
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China Independent Refinery Annual Report

ICIS also has the China Independent Refinery Annual Report to capture developments of China’s independent refiners with historical statistics, market research and analysis of the significant issues expected to shape the industry over the next five years. It will help you address all of the following issues:

  • Refining units and capacity with regional breakdowns
  • Feedstock mix by region plus origin, specification and destination data
  • Analysis of margins and operating rates
  • Storage and transportation facilities used by independent refiners
  • The impact of quotas, taxes and policies
  • The expansion plans and outlook for independent refiners for 2018-2022
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Additional tools and services to contextualise data and analytics

  • Webinars and white papers explaining the mechanics of the Chinese gas markets
  • Detailed training and workshops run by our gas market experts
  • Refinery configuration tools and maps showing refinery capacities at a glance

How can the ICIS China Oil and Refinery solution help you?

Trading companies can be assured that:

  • You are always on top of real-time market changes as they occur
  • You can pull on the deepest, granular level of data to support daily decisions
  • You can clearly see the quarterly supply and demand fluctuations ahead
  • You are fully aware of how policy changes will impact business dynamics
  • You can quickly identify and prioritise new opportunities from China’s import activities

Integrated energy companies are guaranteed that:

  • You can access robust evidence to support your decisions and plans
  • You can utilise competitive intelligence to respond quickly and minimise risk
  • You can make operating plans for the next 1-5 years to match market forecasts
  • You can identify potential new growth segments and new markets for the next 5-25 years
  • You are kept fully informed on policy changes and their potential impact
  • You can navigate the supply and demand fluctuations ahead

Finance / Investment

How does one of the biggest global investment banks track and build knowledge in China’s energy market?

China’s energy market can be particularly difficult to navigate. We asked one of the largest investment banks in the world about how they overcome the challenges associated with the lack of trusted and consistent information and data sources. Their answer was ICIS China Energy Solution.

The unique ICIS Oil & Refinery Market Intelligence Solution

We offer the complete picture from experts in the country: China is perhaps the most opaque oil and refinery markets in the world, making it potentially more challenging to enter into with the same assumptions and approaches used in other regions. With its unique characteristics, in order to achieve success, not only in China but also in all Asia markets, it is vital to correctly interpret China market dynamics. ICIS is the leader in this field.

We help increase productivity: We deliver everything you need to do business more effectively in the short- and long-term. That includes report formats that are reliable and quick to assimilate, practical tools that are easy to use and give useful insight, clear interpretation of policy changes, plus training to keep everyone up-to-speed.

Why Choose ICIS

We work alongside you: We are familiar with the challenges international energy companies face when entering or operating in the complex China energy market. Quite simply, we make life easier, by tailoring what we know to suit what you need to do in order to be profitable and sustain competitive advantage.

We are Thorough: We collate information from various independent market players as well as state-run organisations, providing perspectives from more than one source. All this is made possible because our own experts have been covering the sector for over 15 years.