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Identify opportunities in chemical, energy or fertilizer markets for the Middle East

For a regular source of comprehensive and trusted information on the chemical, energy and fertilizer markets in the Middle East and globally, ICIS is your ideal market intelligence partner. Whether you are buying, selling or trading locally or internationally – you can trust ICIS to keep you informed on import/export prices and market dynamics in the Middle East, trade activity in and out of the region and breaking industry news.

ICIS data is gathered from both local and global market participants, verified, analysed and delivered in a timely format to suit your needs. Our market intelligence is an essential resource to help you maximise opportunities in the Middle East and beyond.

Negotiating contracts, buying or selling

  • Negotiating contracts, buying or selling
  • Do you want to optimise trades and negotiate for the best contract price?
  • Do you know the most profitable times and volumes to trade?
  • Do you want access to Middle East trading prices for chemicals, energy and fertilizers, including historical data?

ICIS publishes weekly and daily pricing information on commodities being imported or exported by the Middle East, helping you to understand price drivers and fluctuations and to settle your contracts more confidently.

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Staying informed

  • Are you keen to know about breaking news in your industry as it happens?
  • Do you want to get regular market updates on regional and global developments that could impact your business?
  • Are you interested in understanding more about market drivers for the Middle East?
  • Do you want to monitor the activity of petrochemicals companies in your region as well as globally?

ICIS news is a 24/7 service that keeps you informed of market developments, competitor activity and production news as it’s announced. This allows you to respond quickly to minimise risk and maximise new opportunities for your business.

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Budgeting and planning

  • Do you have to decide when to stockpile products bought or sold in the Middle East?
  • Do you want verification on increasing or decreasing your production levels to match demand?
  • Are you planning to invest in new resources or build capacity locally or elsewhere?
  • Do you need to forecast your business activity in the Middle East or in other regions?
  • Will historical trends be repeated or is the market outlook different?

ICIS provides expert insight as well as the answers to key business questions, helping you to plan with confidence for the mid- to long-term. Use our forecasts and analysis to understand trends, see where key regional markets are heading, and build robust plans for the future.

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Formulating a growth strategy

  • Would you like to understand better the potential growth areas as a Middle East based company?
  • Are you developing a long-term local or international business strategy?
  • Are you interested in which regions the Middle East trades with?
  • Do you need to understand how regional developments could impact your business?
  • Should you be pursuing an acquisition strategy, or growing organically?

ICIS data analysis and market intelligence reports are vital when planning for growth, whether your strategy is focused on expansion, entering new markets, or investing in new opportunities.

Seeking industry expertise

  • Do you want an independent view of the opportunities and risks facing your business?
  • Do you want expert involvement in building a tailored regional or global strategy?
  • Are you keen to understand how market developments will impact revenue?
  • Do you need guidance in building a Middle East partnership or acquisition strategy?
  • Is leveraging on the Middle East natural gas availability important to your business?

The ICIS consultancy service gives you access to extensive expertise on global markets and can answer specific questions facing your business. Our consultants will help you to create tailored solutions that match your business needs and resources with market opportunities and risks.

Trust ICIS to deliver the Middle East information you need

With our breadth and depth of coverage of the chemical, energy and fertilizer markets, ICIS has the both the Middle East and global markets covered. We offer tools to support businesses operating in the region, as well as the intelligence needed by local market participants seeking opportunities outside the Middle East.

Are you based outside the region and looking for opportunities within the Middle East?