Bristol Myers Squibb

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Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMS) is a major producer of therapies for cardiovascular, metabolic and infectious diseases, central nervous system and dermatological disorders, and cancer. The medicines business consists of worldwide pharmaceuticals and consumer medicines. 

While BMS experienced the negative impact of generic competition in its pharmaceutical business, it says that it was successful in launching several new products, expanding key businesses and advancing its pipeline. As a result, BMS says that it is now well positioned to begin growing sales and earnings, and to build shareholder value.

The company will continue to execute its strategy for long term growth by increasing investments behind growth drivers and focusing the company's research and development programmes on products that address significant unmet medical needs.

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Key Personnel

Chairman and CEO: James Cornelius
Lead director: Lewis Campbell
Board member: Lamberto Andreotti
Board member: Louis Freeh
Board member: Laurie Glimcher
Board member: Michael Grobstein
Board member: Leif Johansson
Board member: Alan Lacy
Board member: Vicki Sato
Board member: Togo West
Board member: Sanders Williams
Board member: Elliott Sigal

Executive board

Chairman and CEO: James Cornelius
Chief financial officer: Charles Bancroft
President and chief operating officer: Lamberto Andreotti
Member: Elliott Sigal 


Bristol-Myers Squibb Company
World Headquarters
345 Park Avenue
New York, 10154-0037

Tel: +1 212 546 4000
Fax: +1 212 546 4020


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