Eli Lilly

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Eli Lilly is a major pharmaceutical corporation which develops, manufactures and markets pharmaceutical products. The company has major R&D facilities in seven countries and manufacturing facilities in 13 countries.

Eli Lilly will focus on its ‘innovation-driven’ strategy and invest in R&D with the goal of delivering a steady flow of innovative products. The company will also build the capabilities to manufacture these products and market them effectively around the world, and augment its own capabilities and resources through partnerships.

Eli Lilly is readying a generation of molecules for the market and restocking its early-stage pipeline. Its strength in developing both small-molecule and large-molecule ‘biotech’ medicines is said to distinguish Eli Lilly from most other major pharmaceutical companies.

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Key Personnel

Chairman: John Lechleiter
Member: Michael Cook
Member: Michael Eskew
Member: Martin Feldstein
Member: George Fisher
Member: Erik Fyrwald
Member: Alfred Gilman
Member: Karen Horn
Member: Ellen Marram
Member: Franklyn Prendergast
Member: Kathi Seifert


Eli Lilly & Company
Lilly Corporate Centre
PO Box 88665
Indianapolis, Indiana 46285

Tel: +1 317 276 2000
Fax: +1 317 277 6139

Website: www.lilly.com 

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