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Kemira is a worldwide chemical group in pulp and paper chemicals, water treatment chemicals, and paints and coatings. Other areas include speciality fertilizers and industrial chemicals including titanium dioxide (TiO2) pigments. Kemira consists of four business divisions – Pulp & Paper Chemicals, Water, Specialty and Coatings.

Kemira’s key objective is to become a global group of leading chemical businesses with a competitive position based on a customer segment driven approach and a mutual synergy. The company will change its operating model from a product supplier into a customer segment specific solutions provider, and on the launch of new products and services.

Its growth strategy is based on seizing opportunities in emerging and growing market areas. In addition, its objective is to grow by providing its customers with new products and solutions faster than before.

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Key Personnel

Chairman: Pekka Paasikivi
Board member: Jukka Viinanen
Board member: Elizabeth Armstrong
Board member: Wolfgang Buchele
Board member: Juha Laaksonen
Board member: Kaija Pehu-Lehtonen
Board member: Jarmo Vaisanen


Porkkalankatu 3
PO Box 330
FT-00101 Helsinki

Tel: +358 10 862 8611
Fax: +352 10 862 1119


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