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PetroChina engages in a wide range of activities related to oil and natural gas including petrochemicals, polymers, synthetic rubbers and fertilizers as well as a broad range of petroleum-related activities. It is organised into four sectors: Chemicals and Marketing, Exploration and Production, Refining and Marketing, and Natural Gas and Pipelines. 

In the chemicals business, PetroChina will insist on making optimised arrangements, enhancing development of leading new products, developing high quality and high value added products, and improving the competitiveness of leading products.

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Key Personnel

Chairman: Jiang Jiemin
President and vice chairman: Zhou Jiping
Executive director: Liao Yongyuan
Non-executive director: Wang Yilin
Non-executive director: Zeng Yukang
Non-executive director: Wang Fucheng
Non-executive director: Li Xinhua
Non-executive director: Wang Guoliang
Non-executive director: Jiang Fan
Non-executive director: Chee-Chen Tung
Non-executive director: Liu Hongru
Non-executive director: Franco Bernab
Non-executive director: Li Yongwu
Non-executive director: Cui Junhui


PetroChina Company
World Tower
16 Andelu, Xicheng district
Beijing 100011

Tel: +86 10 8488 6270
Fax: +86 10 8488 6260


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