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Rhodia is a global specialty chemicals manufacturer in fine chemicals, consumer and industrial speciality chemicals, and polyamides. The group is structured around six enterprises: Rhodia Polyamide, Rhodia Novecare, Rhodia Silcea, Rhodia Energy Services, Rhodia Acetow and Rhodia Eco Services.

The driving forces that will enable Rhodia to move forward are striving for operational excellence at all times, and innovation both in the solutions and products offered to its customers as well as improving its manufacturing processes. It will continue to develop in the high-growth areas where the company already has a significant presence.

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Key Personnel

Chairman and CEO: Jean-Pierre Clamadieu
Member: Aldo Cardoso
Member: Pascal Colombani
Member: Jerome Contamine
Member: Laurence Danon
Member: Michel de Fabiani
Member: Jacques Kheliff
Member: Olivier Legrain
Member: Pierre Levi
Member: Francis Mer
Member: Yves Rene Nanot


Rhodia SA
26, quai Alphonse Le Gallo
92512 Boulogne-Brillancourt Cedex

Tel: +33 0155 38 4000
Fax: +33 0155 38 4443
Email: fi.com@eu.rhodia.com

Website: www.rhodia.com

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