Shanghai Petrochemical

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Sinopec Shanghai Petrochemical (SPC) claims to be one of China's largest producers of petrochemicals, polymers, synthetic fibres and petroleum products. It is organised into four units; Petroleum Products, Resins & Plastics, Synthetic Fibres and Intermediate Petrochemicals.

SPC will strategically position itself and be committed to matching external expansion with internal development and focusing on internal development as its mission. This will be led by the ethylene renovation project with a focus on the olefin-polyolefin chain and the polyester chain supplemented by public utility projects.

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Key Personnel

Chairman and president: Rong Guangdao
Vice chairman: Du Chongjun
Executive director and CFO: Han Zhihao
Executive director and vice president: Li Honggen
Executive director and vice president: Shi Wei
Executive director: Dai Jinbao
Director (development and planning): Lei Dianwu
Deputy director (chemical): Xiang Hangyin
Independent director: Chen Xinyuan
Independent non-executive director: Sun Chiping
Independent non-executive director: Jiang Zhiquan
Independent non-executive director: Zhou Yunnong


Sinopec Shanghai Petrochemical Company Ltd (SPC)
48 Jinyi Road
Jinshan District
PRC 200540

Tel: + 8621 5794 3143
Fax: + 8621 5794 0050


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