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Total engages in all aspects of the petroleum industry covering oil and gas exploration and production, refining, marketing and shipping of crude oil and petroleum products. It produces petrochemicals, fertilizers and specialty chemicals for the industrial and consumer markets. The Chemicals segment is organized into the Base Chemicals and Specialties activities.

In petrochemicals, Total’s objective is to “reinforce its position among the leaders in petrochemicals” by combining targeted growth with enhanced productivity at its existing large sites.

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Key Personnel

Chairman: Thierry Desmarest
Chief executive officer: Christophe de Margerie
Vice-chairman and president (chemicals): Francois Cornelis
Chief financial officer: Patrick de la Chevardiere
Chief information officer: Patrick Hereng
CEO (Total Petrochemical US): Geoffroy Petit
Company secretary: Charles Paris de Bollardière
Chairman and CEO (Hutchinson, Total Chemicals): Jacques Maigné
Chairman and CEO (Bostik, Total Chemicals): Bernard Pinatel
President (HR and corporate communications): Jean-Jacques Guilbaud
President (Exploration & Production): Yves-Louis Darricarrere
President (Gas & Power): Philippe Boisseau
President (Middle East): Ladislas Paszkiewicz
President (Refining & Marketing): Michel Benezit
President (Strategy & Risk assessment): Bruno Weymuller
Managing director (UK): Andrew Ritchie
Senior VP (Middle East, Total Exploration & Production): Arnaud Breuillac
Senior VP (strategy, business development and R&D): Patrick Pouyanne
Senior VP (finance, economics & information systems): Olivier Cleret de Langavant
Senior VP (HR): Isabelle Gaildraud
Senior VP (development & operations): Michel Hourcard
Senior VP (Geosciences): Marc Blaizot
Senior VP (operations): Pierre Bang


Total S.A
2, place Jean Millier
La Défense 6
92078 Paris La Défense Cedex

Tel: + 33 (0) 1 47 44 45 46


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