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ICIS southeast european energy hub daily

The ICIS Southeast European Energy Hub Daily (SEHD) service offers market-moving news and analysis for regional gas and power markets, to improve transparency and support your day-to-day trading decisions.

As a trusted source of market intelligence for SEE gas and power, ICIS delivers reliable news and analysis, along with extensive OTC price and fundamental data, for key regional markets.

Market coupling and liberalisation initiatives are spurring trading interest in Southeast Europe. However, this relies on transparency and access to reliable data, which is still scarce in the region.

SEHD offers clarity on OTC spot and forward price assessments, gas fundamental data, price spreads and day-ahead exchange prices, with unrivalled news and analysis from the ICIS team to help you make well-timed trading decisions.

Delivered via the Dashboard, the SEHD brings together ICIS’ daily market valuations and key trends in the region, as well as news on developments such as outages and cross-border auctions. By subscribing to this service, you can save time and make trading decisions with confidence, supported by independently verified ICIS data.

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Key features:

  • Streamlined news and analysis for SEE power and gas
  • Key trends and price differences displayed visually on the Dashboard
  • OTC price assessments for Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Serbia, Bulgaria and Greece
  • Price assessment spreads for SEE countries, including Germany and Turkey
  • Fundamental data, including power exchange prices, gas storage levels, cross-border flows, supply/demand and nominations

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