ICIS Regulation Portal

Free online platform delivering key information and updates on regulations affecting European Energy markets.

The ICIS Regulation Portal provides you with all relevant news stories and updates on regulations affecting European Energy markets.

The Portal will keep readers on top of the latest important decisions and developments through its news stories. In addition, monthly power and gas updates will explain what are the latest regulatory decisions, developments and discussions going on from a regional and European perspective. A listing of open consultations will help readers keep on top of what they need to respond to.

The ICIS Regulation Portal ensures a quick and clear grasp of pivotal facts to assist in managing risks, scouting opportunities, and understanding how new or revised regulations may affect the business you work in.

The ICIS Regulation Portal will provide you access to:

  • Daily regulatory news updates 
  • Monthly updates on regulatory developments by country and commodity 
  • List of open consultations 
  • Specific and relevant information impacting power and gas markets 

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How can you benefit from the ICIS Regulation Portal?

  • Traders – use our clear and up-to-date information on regulations to understand at a glimpse if regulatory changes will affect your position.
  • Analysts – consult our reliable updates to assist you in establishing short and long term implications for key localised commodities, and aid with your advisory role.
  • Operations – read up on news stories and updates that will alert you to any regulatory changes that could potentially affect a process flow you manage.
  • Regulatory Affairs Managers – integrate your knowledge of regulations with our news stories to stay on top of the current market sentiment related to specific regulations

Why choose ICIS?

  • Expertise on European natural gas and electricity markets stretching back 20 years
  • Ability to explain clearly what regulations mean for the trading of power and gas in Europe
  • A team covering developments in most countries across Europe and beyond
  • Market information that is trusted globally by buyers, sellers and traders  

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