New US Dow polymer reduces TiO2 use in paints by 10-20% - exec

22 March 2011 20:29 Source:ICIS News

NEW YORK (ICIS)--US-based Dow Chemical’s coatings materials business has introduced a pre-composite latex polymer in North America that can reduce the use of titanium dioxide (TiO2) by 10-20% in architectural paint formulations, a company executive said on Tuesday.

Dow’s Evoque pre-composite polymer, which is based on acrylic polymer chemistry, can reduce TiO2 use by binding with the pigment for better dispersion and making TiO2 more resistant to clumping in paint formulation, said Joan Schuller, vice president and general manager for Dow Coating Materials, North America.

“We are not aiming to replace TiO2 in paint formulation, but instead improve the hiding efficiency of TiO2. In effect, we’re making every particle of TiO2 work smarter,” Schuller said at a press meeting in New York.

Combining the new polymer technology with Dow’s Ropaque opaque polymer technology can further increase hiding efficiency and reduce TiO2 use in architectural paint formulation by a total of 20-40%, she added.

Demand for Ropaque continues to be strong, especially with the current global tight supply of TiO2, said Schuller.

The company expects full commercialisation of Evoque worldwide during the third quarter of 2011, with rapid expansion of the line in 2012.

Schuller said Dow anticipates offering the new polymer technology for exterior waterborne paints by 2012.

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By Doris de Guzman