German offshore wind target of 8.5GW by 2023 ‘realistic’ - TSOs

14 October 2013 17:53 Source:ICIS

The German government should downgrade its offshore wind power capacity goal to 8.5GW by 2023, the transmission system operators (TSO) 50Hertz and TenneT said in a paper to the government last week.

The 8.5GW target was a “realistic” minimum goal and it could become more depending on actual investments in wind farms, a spokesman of German TSO 50Hertz, which is mainly responsible for grid connections to offshore wind farms in the Baltic sea, said on Monday. So far the government remains committed to reach its capacity goal of 10GW by 2020 despite growing doubts from the industry ( see EDEM 8 October 2013 ).

While initially there seemed to be a lack of grid connection for offshore wind power farms, particularly in the North sea, the situation has now reversed and it looks like more grid connection capacity will be in place than actual wind farms ( see EDEM 27 August 2013 ).

By Martin Degen