German renewable subsidy reform may include back-loading

04 November 2013 16:58 Source:ICIS

Back-loading could be incorporated into Germany’s planned reform of the renewable power subsidy regime, said Hermann Grohe, general secretary of the CDU party, at a press conference on Monday.

When asked whether the CDU and the SPD parties have found an agreement in favour of back-loading during the ongoing coalition talks between the two parties, Grohe said: “It’s a yes for back-loading.”

So far the German government has not taken an official position on the issue, a spokesman of the environment ministry said in an email response. The spokesman added, however, that an official position might be made public on short notice by the leaders of the coalition talks: environment minister Peter Altmaier and Hannelore Kraft, leader of the SPD party in the state of North-Rhine Westphalia. Martin Degen

By Martin Degen