Hungarian TSO to offer new interruptible natural gas transit product

10 December 2013 16:30 Source:ICIS

Hungarian transmission system operator (TSO) FGSZ plans to launch a new transit product for the cross-border delivery of natural gas, it announced on Monday.

The new product will allow shippers to demand interruptible capacity at the hub’s uncongested exit points when the TSO can only offer interruptible capacity on a corresponding entry point. This is because under the Hungarian network code, interruptible capacity is only offered once all firm capacity has been bought.

Hungary’s link to the Austrian market, along the HAG pipeline, is often congested. However, there is often spare capacity available to both the Croatian point and the new reverse-flow link to Ukraine.

FGSZ gave no indication of how soon the product would be available, but said necessary modifications to the network code were ongoing.

By Jake Horslen