China: Shenyang plans to launch emissions trade in 2014

27 December 2013 15:15 Source:ICIS

The Shenyang Development and Reform Commission is planning to launch an emission trading system (ETS) in several local districts next year, according to a source.

The Shenyang emission exchange has proposed two plans for the future ETS. It will submit them to the local financial office next January for approval, the source told ICIS on Monday, declining to reveal details about the two plans.

The Shenyang city is the capital of Liaoning province in Northeast China. It is the hub of China’s heavy industries, with coal feeding 85% of its energy mix.

Shenyang will select 30 local companies which consume 3,000 tonnes of coal annually to collect the emission data, according to a local report.

The source confirmed that the Shenyang Meteorology Testing Institution was collecting the data by installing terminals on the companies.

Shenyang is excluded from the seven ETS pilots in China. The local emission exchange opened on 28 November, with a first-day volume of 400 tonnes of voluntary emissions reductions. Ling Ma

By Ling Ma