US January fatty acids contract levels rise following BFT increase

16 January 2014 20:08 Source:ICIS News

MEDELLIN, Colombia (ICIS)--Pricing in the tallow-based fatty acid market in the US were assessed higher on Thursday, as much of the market participates in formula pricing and bleachable fancy tallow (BFT) averages for December rose modestly.

BFT averages for December saw an increase of almost 0.50 cents/lb ($11/tonne) compared with November averages.

C18 stearic triple pressed fatty acids prices were assessed at 55.50-59.50 cents/lb for January, while C18 stearic rubber grade was at 49.50-54.50 cents/lb.

C18:1 oleic acids were also assessed higher by about the same magnitude as the increase for the December BFT average to 71.50-75.50 cents/lb.

C16 palmitic, non-kosher, prices were assessed at a rollover from December levels, with the basis for the spread formed by the FOB (free on board) Southeast Asian prices plus freights and storage. 

Average for Bleachable Fancy Tallow - Renderer – Chicago

December 2013

35.6111 cents/lb

November 2013

35.1316 cents/lb

October 2013

33.6522 cents/lb

September 2013

40.6447 cents/lb

August 2013

42.9091 cents/lb


By Leela Landress