Activity in Europe BPA spot market remains muted

17 January 2014 16:42 Source:ICIS News

LONDON (ICIS)--Activity in the European bisphenol A (BPA) spot market remains muted, sources confirmed Friday.

With Asian BPA imports available at prices close to the manufacturing costs of European producers, there is little bringing European buyers and sellers to market.

One producer said: “We’re not rushed off our feet. We are still running the plant at what for us is very close to minimum rates.”

Spot buying interest is up on December but in line with expectations, and well down compared with this time in 2013.

The extreme length of the BPA market saw firms reduce stocks to minimal levels in 2013 and enthusiastic destocking in December has not been matched by restocking in early 2014.

“No one feels the need to have anything more than a vital stock. Stocks were reduced drastically last year because of the long market situation,” said one trader.

By Richard Welbirg