French Global Bioenergies, Audi to develop isobutene-based iso-octane

21 January 2014 15:56 Source:ICIS News

LONDON (ICIS)--French bio-chemicals firm Global Bioenergies and German car-maker Audi have agreed to jointly develop isobutene-derived iso-octane as a high performance biofuel for gasoline engines, the company said on Tuesday.

During the two-year collaboration, the agreement also provides "the possibility" for Audi to acquire shares of Global Bioenergies corresponding to less than 2% of its capital, the company added.

Global Bioenergies is working on bio-isobutene, a molecule which can be transformed into iso-octane.

Isobutene-based iso-octane can be used in any blending ratio with all standard fuels for gasoline motors, the company said.

"It does not present the drawbacks associated with alcohol-based biofuels such as ethanol or isobutanol which lead to limited blending ratios and lower mileage per litre," it said.

In a separate statement, Audi said that the collaboration with Global Bioenergies marked "another step closer to carbon-neutral mobility."

Audi added that the renewable iso-octane would not create any competition with food production.

Financial details about the collaboration were not disclosed.

By Stefan Baumgarten