Dutch-German Day-ahead natural gas transmission capacity to all be bundled

24 January 2014 16:49 Source:ICIS

Bundled Day-ahead transmission capacity between the Netherlands and Germany will be available to natural gas shippers for all relevant network points from 28 January, the Dutch system operator Gasunie Transport Services (GTS) has announced.

Details of booking bundled capacity at the border points operated be GTS and Belgium’s Fluxys, have yet to be finalised, however. A GTS spokesman told ICIS on Friday plans for this Belgian project would be available before the end of the current quarter.

Shippers buying Day-ahead capacity between the Netherlands and Germany will be able to book it via auctions at the pan-European PRISMA platform, in a move aimed at simplifying the process given the number of transmission system operators involved on the German side.

The auction will allow shippers access to capacity between the Dutch GTS system and the German networks operated by: GUD, GTG Nord, OGE, GASCADE, Thyssengas and Fluxys TENP.

Under the changes, the following cross-border points will be bundled:

• Oude Statenzijl L-Gas (GUD and GTG Nord)

• Oude Statenzijl H-Gas (GUD, OGE, GASCADE)

• Zevenaar/Elten (OGE, Thyssengas)

• Winterswijk/Vreden (OGE)

• Tegelen (OGE),

• Bocholtz (OGE, Fluxys TENP)

• Bocholtz Veschau (Thyssengas)

Monthly capacity will remain unbundled until September 2014 and quarterly capacity until June 2014. The first bundled auction of yearly capacity will not be available until March 2015.

Under EU rules, the capacity allocation mechanism codes must be implemented by network operators by Q4 2015.

Bundling at the Dutch/British Julianadorp point, where gas is exported to the NBP via the BBL pipe, and at the two Emden border points, which carry Norwegian gas into the Netherlands, will not be available on short-term products.

GTS was the first European grid operator to pilot EU capacity allocation at some of its points. Auctions were initially conducted at Oude Statenzjil in May 2012. Kirsty Ayakwah

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