ACI puts Clean the World ONE Project at forefront

31 January 2014 20:01 Source:ICIS News

ORLANDO (ICIS)--The American Cleaning Institute (ACI) is putting the Clean the World ONE Project at the forefront of its annual convention this week with a Hygiene Kit Build Charity Event.

Clean the World is a nonprofit organisation helping hotels across the US to cut down on waste by recycling used soap.

“Our hotel industry throws away thousands of bars of soap every year,” a Clean the World representative said.

“There are people that need these soaps, and they cannot always afford to buy them,” another Clean the World representative said.

The Clean the World ONE Project is a hygiene project aimed at providing 3,000 kits to homeless persons in central Florida.

At the ACI convention, a room is set aside for assembling hygiene kits that contain in each a bar of soap, tubes of shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, a toothbrush and a washcloth.

ACI attendees are invited to build hygiene kits for the project and fill participating company boxes to see which company’s box will have the most kits.

Winner and awards are forthcoming at the closing dinner on Friday.

The ACI is a key player in the US and international cleaning industry in which numerous commodity chemicals are used, including fatty alcohols – the backbone of surfactants – glycerine, fatty acids, glycols and certain oxides.

The 2014 ACI annual meeting is being held in Orlando, Florida through Friday.

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By Judith Taylor