Japan's Mitsui Chem to shut Phenol/Acetone plants for overhaul

05 February 2014 01:41 Source:ICIS News

MELBOURNE (ICIS)--Japan’s Mitsui Chemicals plans to shut its three phenol/acetone plants in Japan separately for maintenance in 2014, a company official said on Wednesday.

The first plant to undergo maintenance is its phenol/acetone plant in Chiba, which has a nameplate capacity of 250,000 tonnes/year of phenol and 90,000 tonnes/year of acetone. The plant will be taken off line in late March to undergo maintenance lasting approximately 35 days, the official said.

The producer operates a second phenol/acetone plant in Chiba, which can produce 190,000 tonnes/year of phenol and 114,000 tonnes/year of acetone. The unit is scheduled to undergo around 42 days of maintenance between late October and early December, the official said.

In addition to its two units in Chiba, Mitsui Chemicals also runs a phenol/acetone plant in Osaka that can make 200,000 tonnes/year of phenol and 120,000 tonnes/year of acetone. A 45-day turnaround starting in mid-June has been planned for the Osaka unit, the official added.

In Singapore, Mitsui Chemicals operates a plant in Singapore’s Jurong Island that can make 300,000 tonnes/year of phenol and 180,000 tonnes/year of acetone. The plant is not scheduled to be shut for an overhaul in 2014, after undergoing regular maintenance in 2013.

In China, Mitsui Chemicals’ new joint venture phenol/acetone plant, named Shanghai Sinopec Mitsui Chemicals Co (SSMC), is on schedule for start-up in April, the official added. The plant, which is located at Caojing in Shanghai, can produce 250,000 tonnes/year of phenol and 150,000 tonnes/year of acetone.



Phenol capacity

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Acetone capacity

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Timing and


Mitsui Chemicals

Chiba, Japan



Around 35 days

Mitsui Chemicals

Osaka, Japan



Around 45 days

Mitsui Chemicals

Chiba, Japan



End Oct-early Dec
Around 42 days

By Trisha Huang