Bulgarian balancing electricity market held up by registration needs

05 February 2014 14:48 Source:ICIS

The latest delay to the launch of Bulgarian electricity balancing market is the need for potential participants to undergo separate registration procedures, transmission system operator ESO said.

ESO said in a statement market players must sign balancing contracts between the coordinators of combined and specialised balancing groups and the system operator itself.

In addition, renewable electricity producers who are part of combined or specialised balancing groups need to apply for access to the transmission and/or distribution systems. No deadline was provided by ESO for when these procedures must be finished.

No special or combined balancing group has been registered with ESO for now, a market participant said quoting a phone conversation with ESO last week. ESO was unavailable for immediate comment by Wednesday afternoon.

Meanwhile, EVN Bulgaria, one of the three big private distribution and supply companies in Bulgaria, is planning to ask energy regulator DKER for an increase of end-user tariffs. The request is to compensate for, among other reasons, expenses that will come once the balancing market is up and running.

At the end of January, DKER urged renewable producers to sign contracts with the coordinators of balancing groups giving them tight deadlines in order to speed up the launch of the market ( see EDEM 21 January 2014 ).

However, a wind lobby claimed the main reason for the postponement was the delayed certification of ESO as an independent grid operator ( see EDEM 23 January 2014 ). Irina Peltegova

By Irina Peltegova