EU states now waiting on EU Commission for free emissions permits

11 February 2014 13:24 Source:ICIS

All EU countries have submitted the necessary information in order to receive their free carbon allowances and are now waiting on the European Commission to approve their requests.

A document released by the commission late on Monday showed that Bulgaria handed in an estimate of its 2013 free permit requirement and was the final nation to do so.

This is the last step needed from member states, after they first had to hand in a national allocation table (NATs) detailing their request for permits in phase III of the EU emissions trading system (ETS).

Although the commission document did not recognise Italy as having completed all required steps, the Italian government confirmed to ICIS last week that it had submitted all necessary information to the commission in January.

Thirteen countries – making up 58% of the 887m free allowances available – are now waiting for the commission to approve their requests before the nations can begin handing out the permits (see table). This includes Germany, the nation with the largest appeal at 173m EU allowances (EUAs).

The EU body usually provides an update on the free allocation at the start of each week.

However, “an ad hoc update is scheduled to be released in the coming days following the adoption of the next set of Commission decisions”, a statement from the commission said on Monday.

Austria, the Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Portugal, Solvakia, Sweden and the UK have been given the go-ahead to receive their free permits already. Ben Lee

By Ben Lee