German natural gas import prices below NCG Day-ahead in December

17 February 2014 12:18 Source:ICIS

The average German import price for natural gas was stable year on year in December 2013 and for the second consecutive month settled below spot prices recorded at the country’s trading hubs, data published by the Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (BAFA) on Monday showed.

Import prices stood at €7,507.55/terajoule (TJ) (€27.03/MWh) in December 2013, while the NCG Day-ahead spot contract assessed by ICIS settled at an average of €27.80/MWh over the course of the month.

Similarly to the previous month, prompt prices at the trading points were driven upwards particularly at the beginning of December by an increase in heating demand due to below average temperatures.

Year on year, import prices were stable, inching up just 0.3% from €7,488.66/TJ, BAFA said. Month on month, prices dropped 5.5%.

Volume imported into Germany increased by 2.7% year on year in 2013 to reach 3,744,750TJ (1,040TWh). Most of the gas flowing into the country was again sourced from Russia with 402TWh, Norway with 305TWh and the Netherlands with 272TWh.

According to the BAFA methodology, these figures capture most of the volume entering the country via long-term contracts and part of the volume destined to be sold on the spot market.

In total, German companies paid €28.7bn for the volume of gas imported from Russia, Norway, the Netherlands, Denmark and the UK in 2013 – a 2.4% decrease compared with 2012. Johanna Blackader

By Johanna Blackader