Performance, not 'green', is top base oil metric – industry expert

19 February 2014 22:12 Source:ICIS News

LONDON (ICIS)--Performance is the top metric consumers look for in base oil products, according to a chemical industry expert speaking on Wednesday at the 18th ICIS World Base Oils conference.

Better performance is the most important metric for consumers, said Jens-Christian Blad of McKinsey & Company.

Base oil producers and customers both expect high-performance characteristics from the lubes, whether the "green" factor is involved or not.

“It is not about ‘green’,” the speaker said. “No one is asking for just ‘green’."

Base oil and lubricants market participants are challenged by regulatory issues that are prodding the use of "green" at the same time that these same regulatory stipulations also have goals set to achieve better fuel economy and lower emissions.

In choosing between going "green" and offering high-performance base oils, metrics point to the performance characteristic, said Blad, who is based in Hamburg, Germany.

The 18th ICIS World Base Oils Conference is being held 19-21 February in London.

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By Judith Taylor