Russian naphtha exported to Japan, while the Med receives none

21 February 2014 16:07 Source:ICIS News

LONDON (ICIS)--Europe is set to export a minimum of 80,000 tonnes of naphtha to Asia in late February, with cargoes due to load from Russia, shipping sources said on Friday.

One shipping fixture published this week revealed the volumes will be transported from the Tuapse port in Russia to Japan on a vessel due to load in late February.

Europe naphtha tonnes to Asia

From northwest Europe

From Mediterranean

From Russia

Week ended 21 February 2014             




Week ended 14 February 2014                      

 140,000 (Norway)



The volumes are down from last week, when 140,000 tonnes of naphtha were booked from Europe to the east.

Meanwhile, shipping fixtures revealed no new tonnes of naphtha were being booked this week from Russia to the Mediterranean.

A naphtha trader said: "My thought is that the east needs the barrels [from Russia] and that the Med doesn't."

Meanwhile, a petrochemical producer booked a cargo of 30,000 tonnes of naphtha to be shipped from Algeria to the UK this week.

By Cuckoo James