EU commercial vehicle registrations grow 4.7% in January

26 February 2014 10:34 Source:ICIS News

COLOGNE (ICIS)--New commercial vehicle registration levels in the EU rose for their fifth consecutive month in January, growing by 4.7% year on year, trade body the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA) said on Wednesday.

New commercial vehicle registrations totalled 132,503 units during the month, with the growth momentum of the last few months sustained across the van, truck and heavy truck segments, offsetting a contraction in the number of new buses and coaches registered, the ACEA added.

The highest growth levels were generated in Spain, which marked a 44.9% uptick in registrations during the month, while registrations in Italy grew by 12.2% year on year.

Registrations in the UK and Germany also grew, but at a slower pace to the previous month, increasing by 5.3% and 3% respectively. UK commercial vehicle registrations grew by 66% and Germany’s by 27% year on year in December, although the spike in registrations across many regions that month was attributed by the ACEA in part to new emissions regulations coming into effect in January.

France was the only major market to note a decline during the month, with new registrations declining by 5.1% year on year in January.

New light commercial vehicle registrations increased by 5.3% to 109,019 units in January, while registrations for commercial vehicles of over 16 tonnes increased by 9.8% to 17,079 units. Vehicles over 3.5 tonnes – excluding buses and coaches – saw a 3.2% rise in registrations to 21,040 units, while new buses and coaches weighing over 3.5 tonnes declined by 8.8% to 2,444 units, ACEA said.

New commercial vehicle registrations in the EU, January 2014 - ACEA
Source: ACEA

By Tom Brown