EU 2013 propylene imports rise, exports decrease

26 February 2014 12:09 Source:ICIS News

LONDON (ICIS)--Propylene imports into the EU in 2013 rose 17% year on year, while exports halved during the same period, according to the latest data released by statistics agency Eurostat.

Propylene supply in 2013 was impacted by a significant planned maintenance schedule as well as reductions on cracker operating rates in general because of ethylene oversupply.

The unplanned issues at the Naphtachimie cracker at Lavera in the south of France, which led to a 50% reduction in operating rates for the full year, meant that supply was particularly tight in the Mediterranean.

As a result, imports were seen from Brazil, China and the US.



Full year 2012



Full year 2013



% change year on year




*Units: metric tonnes. Eurostat import/export data is subject to revision as more detailed information becomes available. EU figures comprise the aggregate of member states data published by Eurostat. Full-year 2013 year-on-year figures comprise the aggregate of the monthly figures published by Eurostat.

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By Nel Weddle