Biofuels policy framework for 2030 brings uncertainty - consultant

06 March 2014 13:14 Source:ICIS News

AMSTERDAM (ICIS)--The European biofuels policy framework for 2030 is causing uncertainty in Europe and for those wishing to export to the continent, according to a consultant on international affairs at the Brazilian Sugarcane Industry Association (UNICA) on Thursday

Speaking at the World Bio Markets 2014 event in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, Maria Aranha Almeida said the new climate and energy package for 2030 had created uncertainty.

“You have a directive accepted in 2009 and then in 10 years there will be a change to this policy. No Fuel Quality Directive target. You create uncertainty in the market affecting production, investment and trade,” Almeida said.

The European Renewable Energy Directive (RED) includes a binding target of 10% of renewable energy to be used in transport fuels by 2020.

However, the European Commission recently published a White Paper on policy framework for 2030 which did not include a binding target for renewable energy in transport and instead suggested an overall binding target of 27% renewable energy.

By Sarah Trinder