EU swings to be net exporter of PX in January - Eurostat

24 March 2014 13:51 Source:ICIS News

LONDON (ICIS)--A significant growth in exports of paraxylene (PX) year on year, coupled with a strong fall in imports, has meant the EU became a significant net exporter in January, said statistics European agency Eurostat on Monday .

In January 2013 imports and exports were largely balanced. However, a 48% fall in imports and a 29% growth of exports meant in January 2014 the EU was a significant net exporter.

This follows weakness in the downstream European polyester chain, according to market participants.

EU PX import and export data by Eurostat
(units: tonnes)



 January 2013



 January 2014



 Change year on year (%)



Eurostat import/export data is subject to revision as more detailed information becomes available. EU figures comprise the aggregate of member states data published by Eurostat.

By Rhian O'Connor