GTL naphtha yields 10% more high-value chemicals: Shell

02 April 2014 14:32 Source:ICIS News

BARCELONA (ICIS)--Naphtha derived from gas-to-liquids (GTL) technology yields a larger percentage of high-value chemicals compared to naphtha coming out of oil refineries, a senior executive at Shell said on Wednesday.

Rob Overtoom, t
echnology manager at Shell's Pearl GTL complex in Qatar said,"GTL naphtha [provides] 10% higher yield of high-value chemicals."

Overtoom was speaking at the eighth annual Global Refining Summit taking place in Barcelona, Spain.

The speaker said naphtha from the Pearl GTL complex was mostly sold into Asia. "Our naphthas are going to the Singapore petrochemicals sector," he said.

Pearl GTL is the world’s largest source of GTL products, capable of producing 140,000 barrels of GTL products per day. The plant also produces 120,000 barrels per day of natural gas liquids and ethane.

"Sasol is our biggest competitor in GTL technology," Overtoom said, adding the GTL space was underutilised given its high profit margins due to the low cost of feedstock natural gas relative to crude oil used as a feedstock in refineries.

 Shell exports GTL gasoil, kerosene, naphtha, normal paraffin and base oils for lubricants from Qatar to markets around the globe.

By Cuckoo James