Europe paraffin wax price development for April unclear

02 April 2014 16:49 Source:ICIS News

LONDON (ICIS)--Feedback from European market participants on whether fully-refined paraffin wax prices have changed in April was mixed, with sources speaking on Wednesday alternatively claiming stability or increases.

Consumers unanimously stated that prices have not changed, and that the market is flat and steady.

A consumer based in Germany said one supplier had tried to increase its prices for April, but the consumer was able to reject the new prices because it has alternative supply options.

A consumer in Portugal said Iberian supply is increasing, but that it’s demand is high and all volumes are being absorbed, and there is no real pressure on prices.

A producer in central Europe said that had slightly increased prices, by around €5/tonne, and said the reason for the move was that demand has begun to outstrip supply.

However, the producer added that availability in the Amsterdam-Rotterdam-Antwerp region, Germany and Poland is adequate, and that there is no upward pressure on prices in those areas.

A Russian producer said it expects to see increases of €20/tonne.

No price changes were confirmed with consumers.

By Ross Yeo