Nantong government takes severe measures against chemical pollution

03 April 2014 09:55 Source:ICIS News

SINGAPORE (ICIS)--China's Nantong municipal government of Jiangsu province will conduct trial implementation of prohibition and strict control on production, use and emission of the first batch of chemical products in an effort to reduce pollution, industries sources said on Thursday.

The government has released in March a list comprising 74 chemicals that would be banned from production or controlled in use and emission, according to the sources.

Among them, 27 kinds of chemicals including polychlorinated terphenyl would be banned from production, the sources said.

The remaining 47 kinds of chemicals such as vinyl chloride monomer (VCM), benzene, ethylene oxide (EO), formaldehyde, acrylonitrile (ACN) would be controlled tightly in use and emission.

However, major plants with advanced pollution prevention were excluded, according to the sources said.

The restrictions and prohibitions would help to improve transformation and upgrading of chemical industry in Nantong city, as well as to develop it ecologically and environmentally, some market sources said.

By Viola Pan