S Korea's LG Chem to feed LPG at Yeosu aromatics unit in May

10 April 2014 16:42 Source:ICIS News

SEOUL (ICIS)--South Korea’s LG Chem will start to feed liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) into its Yeosu-based aromatics unit in May, a company source said on Thursday.

During the month of May, LPG will make up 10% of the total mixed feed with naphtha, the source said.

The Yeosu-based aromatics unit can produce 240,000 tonnes/year of benzene, 96,000 tonnes/year of toluene and 36,000 tonnes/year of solvent xylenes, the source added.

The use of mixed feed at the Yeosu plant comes after the company started using mixed feed at its Daesan-based aromatics plant.

The Daesan-based aromatics unit that has a nameplate capacity 260,000 tonnes/year of benzene, 54,000 tonnes/year of toluene and 36,000 tonnes/year of solvent xylene, has been fed with 10% LPG since second-half of March and into April as well, he said.

The overall aromatics output remained unchanged despite the use of lighter feedstock, as the company purchases more pygas for aromatics extraction to cover the production shortfall.

Both the Daesan and Yeosu aromatics facilities are operating at full capacity, the source said.

By Ong Sheau Ling