Limited movement for European April ethanolamines contracts

16 April 2014 23:59 Source:ICIS News

LONDON (ICIS)--European ethanolamines market participants are seeing little momvement for April prices, with some upward pressure remaining on diethanolamines (DEA) but stable or slightly-reduced pricesfor other grades, sources said on Wednesday.

“Pricing is a continuation of where we left off in March, there is little movement up or down,” said one buyer.

DEA continues to see some small upward pressure, thanks to good demand and limited imports.

“We are importing less DEA out of US, it’s better [for US producers] to keep [material] at this time in the US,” said one importer.

However prices have not moved up to the same extent as seen in March, and some of the higher prices seen at that time seem to have cooled a little. The range of contracts is now assessed at €1,200-1,250/tonne, from €1,190-1,255/tonne in March.

The triethanolamines (TEA) market has seen a number of participants experience some downward pricing pressure, across all grades of the product.

“TEA is €10 down, or even a little bit more down. The lower grades are down too,” said one distributor.

As a result the contract is assessed at €1,460-1,510/tonne, down €10/tonne from last month.

Monoethanolamine (MEA) is seeing a very mixed picture, with some producers reporting stronger demand and some weaker. Globally MEA seems to be somewhat short, but more balanced within Europe. Price competition has been strong in southern Europe, although seems to have had less of an impact in northern Europe.

“In MEA we are seeing competition across all grades,” said one producer.

“MEA, last week was good. [Price have seen a] rollover, with quite okay demand,” said a second producer.

Contract prices for MEA are assessed as flat on last month at €1,415-1,465/tonne.

All contracts are assessed on a free-delivered (FD), north-west Europe (NWE) basis.

By Rhian O'Connor