Guangdong ETS to allow individuals trade soon

17 April 2014 12:41 Source:ICIS

Individuals will be able to participate in the Guangdong emission trading system (ETS) from as early as the end of April, because of low activity in the local scheme, according to a Guangdong official.

In total 22 Guangdong companies that must comply with the ETS bid for 679,471 tonnes of allowances, 78% fewer than the 3.07m tonnes of allowances up for auction on Thursday.

It is the fourth time demand fell short of supply in the Guangdong scheme.

Daily transaction volumes in Guangdong is also low, averaging 300 tonnes of allowances/day, if the amount traded on the opening day on 19 December last year is excluded.

Officials for the Guangdong scheme have looked to the Tiajin ETS. Tiajin’s volume outstrips Guangdong by 4.36 times, despite launching a week later. Tianjin allows individuals to participate, so Guangdong is looking to do the same. Ling Ma

By Ling Ma