Germany Lufthansa to evaluate using isobutanol from US Gevo

22 April 2014 17:24 Source:ICIS News

HOUSTON (ICIS)--Germany-based airline Lufthansa will evaluate Gevo’s renewable isobutanol for use in as a commercial aviation fuel, the US biofuel maker announced on Tuesday.

The airline’s testing is being supported through work with the European Commission, Gevo said in a news release.

"ATJ, like the Fischer-Tropsch pathway, has the potential to use lignocellulosic waste as feedstock, but promises to do so at less cost than Fischer-Tropsch," said Alexander Zschocke, Lufthansa’s senior manager of aviation biofuels.

Gevo's patented alcohol-to-jet fuel (ATJ) is a drop-in fuel designed to be fully compliant with aviation fuel specifications and provide equal performance, including fit-for-purpose properties, the US company said.

"By using isobutanol as a renewable raw material for producing jet fuel, the resulting jet fuel has the mixtures of molecules typical of petro-based jet fuel making it directly compatible with engines and infrastructure,” said Pat Gruber, Gevo CEO. “Renewable jet embodies the potential of cleaner, greener, and as we scale up, cost competitive drop-in fuels.”

By Jeremy Pafford