INVISTA, Solvay resolve ADN dispute, plan upgrade at France plant

24 April 2014 20:38 Source:ICIS News

HOUSTON (ICIS)--INVISTA and Solvay plan to upgrade the Butachimie plant they operate through a joint venture in France as the two companies have signed a settlement agreement that resolves a dispute over adiponitrile (ADN) intellectual property, INVISTA said on Thursday.

The settlement confirms INVISTA's exclusive ownership of the ADN technology at the Butachimie plant, the company said. Also, the agreement includes a plan to upgrade the plant with INVISTA's latest ADN technology.

The upgrade is part of a new joint venture agreement between the two companies, INVISTA said.

The Butachimie joint venture has been operating for 40 years, and it is the world's largest ADN plant. The material made at Butachimie is used to produce nylon 6,6.

“Retrofitting Butachimie with INVISTA’s newest ADN technology will dramatically increase the plant’s efficiency,” said Warren Primeaux, president of INVISTA Intermediates. “Under this new joint venture, we are excited to work together with Solvay to better serve our customers and support nylon 6,6 growth.”

By Al Greenwood