Europe butac market continues to see steady prices, low demand

25 April 2014 17:41 Source:ICIS News

LONDON (ICIS)--The European butyl acetate market continues to experience steady prices and low demand, sources said on Friday.

“The trend is the same as the last three, four, five months,” a producer said. “[Prices are] Stable at low numbers.”

A distributor agreed: “It’s [prices] a flat line. I’m questioning the pickup of demand after the holiday. The car industry is not doing so well. There’s plenty of supply. It's boring!”

“I have proclaimed it dead for months!” a second distributor said.

While the settlement of the May contract price for feedstock propylene is expected soon, the producer doubts this will impact butac prices.

“The propylene settlement doesn't make much difference [to butac prices], it's [the butac market] not raw material driven. It [butac prices] could go either way. We haven't managed to increase prices in last the last month [after the propylene CP for April increased by 10/tonne].”


By Jo Pitches